Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Michener Challenge--Post your Reviews

Post your reviews for books read for The Michener Challenge in Mr. Linky below.  Put your name and the title of the book read with the link to your review post.  Hope you're enjoying the challenge!


  1. One does not often associate James Michener with nature-writing. He writes epics, sometimes likened to fictional documentaries, with wide strokes on broad canvases. Yet in most of his epic stories, it is difficult not to find a a chapter or more about the land, its formation, the animals, the plants and the people who live amongst them.

    The post is for Indian

    Michener is the third nature writer to be reviewed, others already covered are E.H.Aitken and Sally Carrighar. will cover more nature writers such as Gerald Durrell, Jim Corbett and Jean Auel in future.

  2.; You saved my day again.

  3. The correct link for my post on Micehener titled "Epic Splendour" is :

  4. I read Michener back in high school with The Source. Don't remember much about it. Started reading Hawaii recently because I just came back from there again and love the island. Figured I should know it's history and Michener certainly does that for the reader.

    Have two more sections to get through but it's quite enjoyable. Thanks for the challenge :)

  5. Glad you're joining us! I have a bunch of his books, including Hawaii. True confessions here: I started this challenge and I haven't even picked up one of his books. That will change soon, I promise. =O)

    I did read Chesapeake in high school and it really stuck with me which is why I started accumulating his books and then started this challenge.